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How are special ops teams organized? Empty How are special ops teams organized?

on Sat Oct 21, 2017 4:18 pm
Seal teams, rangers, marines, green berets. What makes up the teams and how many people in each team and does each team have a sniper?
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How are special ops teams organized? Empty Re: How are special ops teams organized?

on Sat Oct 21, 2017 8:12 pm
SEALs are branched by a Naval Special Warfare Group. I think there is around 3 groups. Group 1,2, and NSWDEVGRU (Development Group or SEAL team 6). Group 1 is the even/odd number SEAL teams which I can't remember and group 2 is also odd or even. Group one is Coronado, CA and 2 is Little Creek, VA. Each SEAL team has 8 platoons, and each platoon has about 25 SEALs that break up into 2 teams.

Rangers have the 75th Rangers Regiment then have 3 or 4 batallions. Not sure about anything else other than they travel in a platoon of about 30 people at once. When you see Rangers, you see the whole fucking platoon. Not the people you want to see showing up at your door step, coming from your attic, through your back door

MSOT's are branched by what is  now is Marine Raider Regiment- Marine Raider Battalion 1 & 2 --->  8 Platoons----> Each platoon is around 5 MSOT's Marine special operations teams. When I was in it was it was 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion----> 1st Force Recon Company----> MSOT. Each MSOT has around 6- 15 CSO's

Green Berets has a Special Forces Group---->  This is where it gets a little complicated an SF battalion consists companies then consists of ODA, ODB, or an ODC. They aren't referred to as teams, they are an operational detachment of the Army. If you are SF your MOS is 18..xxxx so if you are an 18A you are in ODA..xxx 18B ODB..xxx. each OD has different specializations. Most of the OD leaders are always an 18A since they are high ranks, (captain, master sergeant). I have a good friend who was in an ODA so i'm quite familiar with them. Also ODD or "Delta" or "CAG".

Edit: Yes each team has a sniper.
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