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What helicopters have you flown in or airplanes?

on Sun Oct 29, 2017 11:20 am
And what are procedures for a heli? If you know
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Re: What helicopters have you flown in or airplanes?

on Sun Oct 29, 2017 3:35 pm
Depends primarily on how many people are being transported, and what's going on. Most of the time it was the updated version of the Huey was used to transport us that was equipped with rockets as well as 2 M134 Vulcan's. Sometimes we flew on the CH-53 Super Stallion which is the largest helicopter in the military. It can hold an entire platoon plus space for cargo. Sometimes the Marines version of the Osprey too if we were flying with other units. The C-17 back and forth from overseas, and C130's for high altitude jumps.

As for procedures i'm assuming you mean helicopter safety?
Never be near the rear of the chopper as it's spinning,
An LZ has to be secured and swept for explosive devices prior to landing
You better make sure you have your safety cable on, or else you will be flying out. You ride with both doors open at all times and some guys fly with the feet hanging out. Sometimes you fast rope, so be prepared to be blinded as a "brown out" will occur. The rotor blades throw up dirt and dust and you can't see anything so you have to scan the area before the landing. The pilot usually makes 2 passes in a circle so that everyone can look down to make sure there are no suspicious activity in the area before brown out.
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